AXIS is now offering electronic funds transfer for
fee payments!

AXIS AMC is partnering with Sekady Capital to
provide our appraisers with options to accelerate
their cash flow!

ach block


qp block

Sekady, via Direct Deposit (ACH), will post your AXIS payments
on the 10th of every month into your bank account. This service is
provided to all AXIS appraisers at no cost. This ensures
certainty as to when your funds will be available at your bank and
avoid the potential issues of postal delays and lost (or stolen)
checks. It also simplifies your accounting since all activity,
including paid or pending items, are available to review
on your Sekady dashboard.

In addition to the standard ACH delivery, Sekady provides an
option, once the completed appraisal report is delivered to the
lender and Sekady receives the invoice from AXIS, for you to
receive your funds the following business day. This can be
achieved by selecting Sekady’s QuickPay. The QuickPay feature
has a mere cost of 5% of the appraisal fee. This fee only applies
if you actively elect to utilize this service. You can find QuickPay
on your Sekady dashboard and is available for any pending
deposits you wish or need to accelerate.

This enhanced payment service from AXIS through Sekady is
not mandatory to participate. However, keep in mind, this new
service substantially decreases our environmental
footprint, combats the rising costs and unreliable service of the
US postal service. Let’s go GREEN for 2019!


Click the Register button below register and create a FREE account.

1.  Create a new profile and enter your banking information to
receive direct payments for completed appraisals and services.

2.  Once the profile is complete, the Sekady system will email a
confirmation to confirm your account.*

Thereafter, Sekady will send notification emails for each pending
payment(s) it receives for completed orders from AXIS on your behalf.

*(check SPAM folder if not received)


If you need assistance or have questions with the sign-up process, please
contact Sekady’s friendly staff directly at (208) 452-1910 or via email:

Or if you have general questions about this new option please email or call 888-806-2947 and ask for any of your favorite AXIS
team members.


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